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Audio Electronics Development

KBO Dynamics - Audio Electronics Development, Competitive analysis

KBO is a leading provider and design consultancy of innovative, high quality audio products for consumer and professional audio applications. We offer an innovative range of products and solutions unmatched in the industry. Developing products for the world’s leading audio brands, is challenging and interesting and we take great care and pride in our work.
In addition to our own ranges of audio related products we have a strong track record of developing bespoke solutions to customer's problems which other manufacturers believed were impossible to solve. Our extensive range of test equipment includes audio spectrum analysers and reference microphones, these are used extensively during development.

Competive Analysis and Marketing Information

What to find out how good your audio product is compared to the competitors? We offer a full competitive analysis service, complete with audio performance graphs and report. This information is a ‘must have’ for a company who is considering designing or launching an audio product. Performance data can also be used as part of marketing literature.


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