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A world leading design consultancy specialising in embedded control and the supply electronic control devices.

We realise that our success is built directly on the success of our customers. Being a specialised engineering company we can provide a variety of services, but what we like doing best is working closely with customers assisting them to develop innovative technical solutions that make their products stand out from the competition. We have a diverse range of experience in all areas of electronic design, including high voltage switched mode power supplies and bespoke embedded control systems. Our design portfolio contains both: customised designs as well as the development and the sale of own products.

KBO can offer a full service starting with the draft of system specifications all the way to series production.  At KBO we utilise a modular electronic design strategy for developing our embedded electronic products. This empowers organisations to rapidly develop, prototype and commercialise advanced microprocessor based devices. By combining tried and tested feature elements with a range of off-the-shelf modular circuits, customers can achieve a unique, yet cost-effective PCB layout quickly and accurately a fraction of the traditional development cost. Design options are endless, making the modular process ideal for companies wanting to develop their own customised solutions.

In addition to design activities KBO can also offer assistance with prototype testing, fault diagnostic and pre-compliance EMC testing. Our electronic laboratory hosts a huge range of state of the art test equipment which is available perform the majority of all your electronic testing requirements.

If contract manufacturing is required, KBO can offer a final product solution via our production partners.  Our advanced production facilities are able to manufacture complete PCB assemblies both surface mount and through hole, in low and medium volumes, also providing a final tested ‘boxed’ product with mechanical assembly, ready for sale.

Services We Offer :


  1. Electronic Design
    Electronic Design With Embedded Control

  2. Valve Management Systems
    High End Audio Valve Management Systems

  3. Algorithm Development
    Algorithm Development

  4. Guitar Amp Valve Systems
    TubeSync Guitar Amp Valve Systems

  5. Power and Control
    Power and Control Electronics

  6. Sensor Solutions
    Sensor Solutions & Interfaces

  7. Pre-Compliance EMC Testing
    Pre-Compliance EMC Testing

  8. Audio Electronics
    Audio Electronics Development

  9. Energy harvesting
    Electronic design for energy harvesting

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