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TubeSync Tube

The TubeSync Tube offers the key features of the 'TubeSync Bias Engine'

The TubeSync Tube is housed in a package designed for the retro-fit guitar amplifier market. For visual appeal the 'TubeSync Tube' module is designed to look like a tube (valve), with a standard 11 pin base, suitable for solder or screw terminal connections. The main function of the module is to negate the need for the end user to keep having their amp biased by a technician.

The product also has a unique input device allowing users to select bias currents for their particular brand of amp or tube type. This function is very exciting to the user as it allows many different bias combinations, resulting in a endless number of tones and distortion levels. The TubeSync Tube also informs the user when a tube becomes defective or requires replacing.

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